Healthy Steps Diaper Bank

If you visited any of our offices in December, you may have noticed boxes for donations to the “Healthy Steps DIAPER BANK”. This organization partners with other area non-profit organizations to provide diapers, which are then distributed to families. Accepted diapers can be any brand, new bags / boxes, or opened packages that a child has outgrown.

Our physicians and staff were shocked to learn that, with the cost of diapers being approximately $80 a month, 1/3 of families struggle to buy diapers for their children. WIC and Food Stamps cannot be used to purchase diapers; therefore some families are faced with the decision of paying for diapers or going without other necessities of life. Still other families are forced to reuse diapers or keep a child in a used diaper all day long. Cloth diapers are often not an alternative, since most child care facilities will not accept children in cloth diapers. Additionally, cloth diapers cannot be cleaned in most laundromats.

Partners in Women’s Healthcare accepted donations this holiday season; however Healthy Steps DIAPER BANK is an organization with needs all year long. If you are blessed with extra diapers in any size, or if you are in need of clean diapers for your children, you can visit for more information.